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    The Indian Rupee Drops Down 8 Paise

    Today, the Indian rupee lost dropped down 8 paise to trade. The Indian rupee is currently 63.61 against the U.S. dollar. The American dollar witnessed a huge demand from the importers. A currency dealer said,…

  • Salil Parekh Starts Work As CEO Of Infosys Today,Mango News,Infosys CEO Salil Parekh,Salil Parekh New Boss as Infosys,Salil Parekh take as Infosys CEO Today,Infosys New CEO,Company Infosys Latest News,Latest Technology News & Updates,Infosys Breaking News,Salil Parekh Starts Work at Infosys

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    Salil Parekh Starts Work As CEO Of Infosys Today

    Today, Salil Parekh will take over as the CEO of $10 billion company Infosys. The billion dollar company plans to bring back focus on revenue growth and business strategy under Parekh’s leadership. Infosys struggled through…

  • Indian Rupee Now At 64.02 A Dollar,Indian Rupee vs US Dollar,Mango News,Dollar Value Dropped Against Other Currencies,US Currency Strength Against Major Currencies,Dollars to Indian Rupees Currency,USD vs INR,Indian Rupee Latest News

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    Indian Rupee Now At 64.02 A Dollar

    Today, the Indian rupee fell 3 paise totalling to Rs. 64.02 against the U.S. dollar. It is said exporters and banks stayed away from the American currency as the capital inflows jumped. On Friday the…

  • WPI Increases To 3.93% In November,Mango News,India WPI inflation,Wholesale Price Inflation,November WPI Inflation Increases To 3.93 Percent,India Nov WPI Inflation Rate,Wholesale Inflation Rises in November,Wholesale Price Index,India WPI Inflation Hits Eight Month High,Vegetables Latest News

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    WPI Increases To 3.93% In November

    Today the string of worrisome Government data showed the inflation based on Wholesale Price Index (WPI) accelerated to 3.93% in November. The sharp rise in onion prices and costlier seasonal vegetables resulted in this inflation.…

  • China One Belt One Road Initiative,Mango News,One Belt One Road,Silk Road Economic Belt,BRI and MSR routes,BRI project,China President Xi Jinping,China Breaking News Today,One Belt One Road Initiative

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    China’s One Belt One Road Initiative

    The One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR) also known as the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) and the Maritime Silk Road (MSR) is a development strategy proposed by China's Paramount Leader Xi Jinping. It focusses…

  • Iran President To Inaugurate Chabahar Port Today,Mango News,Iran President hassan Rouhani Inaugurate Chabahar Port,Chabahar Port in Iran,India built Chabahar Port,First phase of Chabahar port opens,Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj,Latest News on Iranian President Hassa Rouhani,Importance of Chabahar Port to India

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    Iran President To Inaugurate The Chabahar Port Today

    India is developing a strategic Iranian port which will be inaugurated today. India plans to invest $ 500 million in the Chabahar Port. The port will bypass Pakistan to open up a new trade route…

  • Salil S. Parekh Appointed As New CEO Of Infosys,Mango News,New Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Infosys,Infosys New CEO,Parekh Appoints As Infosys New CEO,Salil S Parekh to take over as CEO and MD of Infosys,New CEO Of Infosys,Salil S Parekh as Infosys Next CEO

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    Salil S. Parekh Appointed As New CEO Of Infosys

    On Saturday, Salil S. Parekh was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Infosys. Earlier, Parekh was working as a member of the Group Executive Board at Capgemini. Today morning, the…

  • Income Tax Department,Raids Cafe Coffee Day,Cafe Coffee Day in Karnataka,CCD founder and owner,Income Tax Raids,#RS.650,Mango News,Raids on Cafe Coffee Offices,Cafe Coffee Day Reveal Rs 650 Crore,Today Breaking News

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    Income Tax Department Raids Cafe Coffee Day

    The Income Tax Department has been conducting raids at the Cafe Coffee Day retail chain since Thursday. From the documents seized the department found Rs. 650 crores concealed income. A senior tax official reported, "Documents…

  • Top 10 Best Corporate Offices in India,10 Best Corporate Offices in India,Best Corporate Offices in India,Top 10 Corporate Offices in India,Top Corporate Offices in India,Corporate Offices in India,Best Corporate Offices,Offices ,India

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    Top 10 Best Corporate Offices in India

    Corporate offices have also made their work environment energetic and exciting to ensure better work from the employees. But some corporates take it a step ahead and work in stunning and exquisite looking offices that…

  • Top 10 Highest Paid Indian Women In Business,Highest Paid Indian Women, Indian Business Women 2017,10 Highest Paid Indian Business Women,Indian Business Women,Highest Paid Indian Women,powerful women in 2017,Business Women in india 2017,successful business woman,list of womens india business

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    Top 10 Highest Paid Indian Women In Business

    10 Highest Paid Indian Women In Business: Women have had a struggle in the world of business but a few women refused to give up and worked their way up the ladder to become the…