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  • Nadigar Sangam Association,Division Bench , Nadigar Sangam Secretary,Nadigar Sangam Association Issue Sorted,South Indian Artist Association, tender process

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    Nadigar Sangam Association Issue Sorted

    On Tuesday, the Madras High Court canceled its stay on the construction of the Nadigar Sangam Association's building at T. Nagar. The court had earlier instructed the office bearers to maintain status quo on the…

  • Top 10 most dangerous train accidents in India,train accidents in India,Top 10 most dangerous accidents,dangerous accidents in India,train accidents

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    Top 10 Most Dangerous Train Accidents in India

    Deaths due to train accidents have taken place plenty of times in India. This has led to a doubt on Railway safety and insecure feeling in the minds of railway passengers as well as the…

  • Woman Still in Distress After AIB Uses,AIB group,PM Modi,Tanmay Bhatt,Ashish Shakya,Mango News,The AIB knockout,Karni Vihar Police Station in Jaipur,latest crime news in jaipur

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    Woman Still in Distress After AIB Uses Her Number in Their Video

    AIB is a comedy group that falls into trouble with the law quite often. A FIR was filed against them at the Karni Vihar Police Station in Jaipur on the 2nd of June. The FIR…

  • Top 10 Deadliest Plants In The World,Deadliest Plants In The World, World Deadliest Plants 2017,Deadliest Plants 2017,10 Deadliest Plants In The World,10 Most Poisonous Plants in the World,Top 10 plants that will kill human,10 plants that will kill you,Deadliest Plants 2017

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    Top 10 Deadliest Plants In The World

    10 Deadliest Plants In The World : We have grown up with plants around us but not all plants are as harmless as they look. Here is a list of the deadliest plants that will…

  • Mumbai Police,Mumbai Cyber Police Station,FIR Filed Against Comedy Group AIB,Comedy Group AIB,Tanmay Bhat,dog filter is life,AIB news today

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    Another FIR Filed Against Comedy Group AIB

    AIB is a famous comedy group on Youtube that doesn't shy away from joking about anything and everything. The group has managed to get into trouble yet again. On Friday, the Cyber Cell of the…

  • Goods and Services Tax,Movie Ticket Price To Be Reduced,Tamil Film Producers Council,theater association 2017,Tamil Nadu Cinema Theatre Owners Federation,price on Movie Tickets after GST,GST 2017,GST roll out

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    Movie Ticket Price To Be Reduced

    The movie tickets which are booked online have the possibility to get cheaper by Rs. 20 if the initiative by the Tamil Film Producers Council's (TFPC) is implemented successfully and efficiently. A news channel reported that…

  • Top 10 Expensive Houses in India,Expensive Houses in India 2017,India most Expensive Houses,royal Houses in India,Top 10 Celebrity Houses In India,luxurious houses in india 2017,Royal Family Of India,richest royal homes in india 2017

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    Top 10 Expensive Houses in India

    Top 10 Expensive Houses in India : Once celebrities gain fame and money, most of their first investments are towards their houses. Here is a list of the costliestest houses in India. 1. Shah Rukh…

  • Major Courier Companies Summoned by SIT,Mango News,Major Courier Companies,Special Investigation Team,Hyderabad drug bust,tollywood stars drugs,tollywood celebrity drug cases

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    Tollywood Celebrities Involvement in the Hyderabad Drug Bust

    The ongoing drug bust in Hyderabad has led to the Telangana Excise and Prohibition Department to send two more notices to two Tollywood stars in connection with the drug racket. The officials have ordered 15…

  • Kamal Haasan on Bigg Boss controversy,Bigg Boss Controversies,Hindu Makkal Katchi,safety of women,ban on Big Boss,Bigg Boss case

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    Kamal Haasan Gives a Sensational Speech About Big Boss

    On Wednesday, the Hindu Makkal Katchi, filed a complaint asking for a ban on the TV show Bigg Boss (Tamil,) with the Chennai Police Commissioner. “Our demand is that Bigg Boss should be banned and…

  • Funding Terror Groups,NIA Arrest Seven Leaders,Terror Groups 2017,National Investigation Agency,Kashmir Valley,terror activities,Hizbul Mujahideen

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    Two More Arrested in Hyderabad’s Drug Racket

    On Wednesday, the Telangana Prohibition and Excise department made yet another arrest of two people involved in the drug trade. A former NASA scientist and his partner were arrested with LSD and cannabis. The accused…