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  • Top 10 Expensive Houses in India,Expensive Houses in India 2017,India most Expensive Houses,royal Houses in India,Top 10 Celebrity Houses In India,luxurious houses in india 2017,Royal Family Of India,richest royal homes in india 2017

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    Top 10 Expensive Houses in India

    Top 10 Expensive Houses in India : Once celebrities gain fame and money, most of their first investments are towards their houses. Here is a list of the costliestest houses in India. 1. Shah Rukh…

  • The Miracle Dog named Bhadra, dog name badra, Chennai, animal rights activist, Shravan Krishnan, Karthik Dhandapani,Animal Welfare Board of India ,Blue Cross volunteer

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    The Miracle Dog named Bhadra

    Let me tell you a story that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster with a happy ending. Last year this time the netizens were enraged by a video that went viral on social media.…

  • Goods and Services Tax,Jokes on the Goods and Services Tax,#GST,biggest tax reform ,Jokes on GST,after independence biggest tax reform,biggest tax reform 2017

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    Jokes on the Goods and Services Tax

    The Goods and Services Tax (GST,) will be put into action at midnight today by the BJP party. The country is still unsure of what the biggest tax reform since independence, will result in. So,…

  • NASA, Kalamsat, Tamil Nadu, Space Kids India, Satellite, 3D printed satellite

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    Teenagers From Tamil Nadu Make History in Space

    Earlier, we reported about an 18 year old boy from Tamil Nadu who was selected for a NASA competition. Rifath Sharook and his team developed the smallest satellite that weighs only 64 grams. The team…

  • Holiday Destinations in India,Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India,Destinations in India,best places to visit in india ,best tourist places in india,beautiful places in india to visit,Destinations in India, Holiday Destinations,Best Holiday Destinations in India

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    Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India

    Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India: Below is a random list of all the places in India that are worth packing your bags and visiting. Some on the list are states and some are…

  • Apple iPhone,#iPhone,iPhone 3G , iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S,iPhone 5,iPhone 5c,iPhone 5s,iPhone 6s,iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE,iPhone 7 ,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone,History of iPhone,collection of iphone models,collection of iphones,technology,iPhone world

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    Apple iPhone: The History of iPhone

    Apple iPhone: The iPhone is an Apple product that changed the way of Android phones. Steve Jobs began Apple in 1976, 41 years ago. Ever since, Apple has introduced groundbreaking technology with their computers, laptops,…

  • Playboy Magazine ,Playboy Playmates Of the Past,collection of Playboy, Re-shoots Playboy Playmates ,Playboy magazine cover shoot,playboy magazine,playboy magazine online,playboy magazine cover shoot

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    Playboy Magazine Re-shoots Playmates Of the Past

    Playboy magazine decided to recreate the magazine covers from the past to pay homage to the timeless beauties of the past. The Son of Playboy's founder, Cooper Hefner, came up with the idea while having a…

  • world , dangerous , places dangerous places , cities , place earth , earth dangerous world, people, crime , cities world , place world , africa , 15 places, dangerous places earth ,dangerous earth ,area ,planets , volcanoes , desert

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    Most Dangerous Places in the World

    Most Dangerous Places in the World: Nature can be terrifying sometimes and humans even more so. Here's a list of all the dangerous places in the world, whether the danger be by nature or by…

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    Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone Wow at the Met Gala 2017

    This year’s MET Gala, just like every year, had its share of glitter and glam. Celebrities descended in their utmost fashionable forms celebrating the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit. Ever year has a theme to…

  • Love the Lepers,Leprosy is Necessary,Lepers Not Loathe,science news, lepers act,leprosy in india 2016,leprosy eradication in india,leprosy eradication

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    Love the Lepers, Don’t Loathe Them – Eliminating Leprosy is Necessary

    Seems peculiar to talk about leprosy in today’s world of cutting edge technology and easily available medicines, doesn’t it? Most of us do not even know what leprosy actually is. The name gives off a…