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With the growing concern for climate change and pollution, it is up to this technology driven generation to come up with solutions that are effective and easy. Keeping this mind, China brought out Asia’s first ever vertical garden and now this virtuous viral is spreading.

saytrees vertical garden

SayTrees, one such organization dedicated towards preserving the environment, has hence brought the concept of ‘Vertical Garden’ to India. They are going around the Silicon City of India and turning it back to the Garden City.

Vertical Garden Bengaluru !

SayTrees is planning to cover every pillar of the Hosur Road flyover that spans over 9 kms with such a thing of beauty and beneficial interest. In addition to making the city clean and beautiful at the same time, each garden produces around 60 kgs of oxygen per day. And as far as maintaining them goes, an automated drip irrigation system will water the saplings every day and each side of the garden comes with a unique design. Although these vertical gardens need proper maintenance, they give back in leaps and bounds. About 3500 saplings of more than 10 species have already been planted.

Vertical Garden Bengaluru 2

The benefits of such gardens include reducing urban heat island effect, acting as a sound-proofing barrier, creating a healthy habitat for birds and insect and much more. Check out the wholesome benefits here:

  • Reduces urban heat island effect and smog
  • Cleans outside air of pollutants and dust and offsets the carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions
  • Acts as a sound proofing barrier
  • Insulates and cools the building envelope, as well as protecting it from the elements
  • Creates habitats for birds and beneficial insects, increasing biodiversity
  • Increases real estate value
  • Increases foot traffic in retail spaces
  • Speeds recovery time for patients through biophilia
  • Reduces absenteeism in the workplace and boosts employee morale
  • Green walls mitigate air pollution levels by lowering extreme summer temperatures through photosynthesis, trapping particulate matter, and capturing gases.
  • The ability of green walls to provide thermal insulation for buildings means less demand on power, and as a result fewer polluting by products are released into the air.

Vertical Garden Bengaluru 3

The Vertical Garden project was undertaken by Bangalore Elevated Tollway Pvt., Ltd. and took four months of planning. SayTrees is looking for corporate partners who can fund more such pillars soon. We hope that more organizations and even governmental groups take on such initiatives that are smart, efficient and impactful. This hopefully seems like a start to a better future.

Vertical GArden 4

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