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The way Ed Sheeran’s popularity has been growing, it is no surprise that everyone wants to be him. Obviously, it is the dream of thousands though a reality of none. Except this little girl from Devon who is like Ed Sheeran in miniature!

If we showed her picture to you, you would probably think that it is a capture from the singer-songwriter’s childhood. But it is a complete different individual, a doppelganger of the ‘Shape of You” star. Meet Isla Walton, the two year old who shares a striking resemblance to Ed Sheeran. We all claim to have a lot of look alikes but in this case, she certainly is one!

Ed Sheeran Look Alike

Notice the same head of moppy ginger hair and facial features like Ed? Certainly, looks like she is a cute little mini Ed Sheeran. Supposedly she even has the same likes as him. Her aunt, Stacy Wilson, who originally posted her photo that went viral says, “She loves his music, tries to sing along to the words and has a dance. Everyone comments saying how she’s a mini Ed, and I call her baby Sheeran.” Even the toddler’s mother Zoe Walton, 21, is star struck with all the attention and says, “It is complete madness. Everyone has been saying that Isla looks like him for a long time and I never thought anything of it. It was when my sister Stacey put it online, that we got loads of comments from people.

ed sheeran doppleganger

All in all, we are happy that we have two of such a terrific thing!

isla walton ed sheeran

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