Tue, 20 March 2018. 09:34

A sports controversy erupted after a video of Virat Kohli talking on a walkie talkie during the T20 International match against New Zealand was leaked. Using any kind of communication device is against the rules of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Code of Conduct.

Social media blew up with questions on what action will be taken against the Indian cricket captain. An active BCCI umpire resolved the doubts and said, “While it is generally the support staff that uses walkie talkie devices during a game, a player is also permitted to use the same with prior permission.”

Confirming that Virat Kohli was smart enough to get permission before breaking a serious rule in front of the world to see.

Kohli took the required permission from the ICC Anti Corruption Unit to use the device during the match.
Many were not convinced and the International Cricket Council was contacted, who also gave Kohli a clean chit.

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