Sun, 21 January 2018. 04:12

The best kind of breaking down gender stereotypes are the ones when it is done by the gender who created them in the first place. And who is trying to do so? Those Guys. Who are these guys? The ones who know the importance of women in their lives and the freedom that they want. How did they do it? By just showing in their own simple way that every woman is different but all have the same outline – that they cannot be contained by stereotypical comments.

Check out these awesome messages that they gave to the women world over on Women’s Day this year.

Those Guys 1

Those Guys 2

Those Guys 3

Those Guys 4

Those Guys 5

Those Guys 6

Those Guys 7

Those Guys 8

Those Guys 9

Those Guys 10

Those Guys 11

Those Guys 12

Thanks to these guys, a girl is not just looked at like a roti churner or silent slave. She is much more.

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