Wed, 17 January 2018. 10:56

The much hyped merger between AIADMK Amma and AIADMK Puratchi Thalavi is in rocky waters again. It is as the O. Panneerselvam camp expects AIADMK to be led by OPS and also appoint him as the Chief Minister. This is as the former CM has mass appeal, which will be a plus to the party. After OPS revolted against Sasikala, the Tamil Nadu political scenario turned into mayhem.

The Edapaddi camp which has 47 MLAs and holds power in Kongu region is not likely to give in easily. M. Thambidurai, the Lok Sabha deputy speaker on Wednesday increased the turmoil as he said E. Palaniswami will continue as the CM. He said, “He won a trust vote with 122 MLAs endorsing his leadership. Thus he will continue and there is no change in that stand. We will hold talks (for the merger) and iron out issues.”

Both the leaders have not spoken out on this issue yet. The need for a merger arose as the civic body polls are approaching soon and the AIADMK symbol is necessary for winning. The OPS campaign is expected to not give in easily as he was chosen as the state CM by the late J. Jayalalithaa, not once but twice. While most of the party members are sure about the merger, it is yet unsure as to when and how it will be done.

Speaking to the press after his arrival in Delhi, the Lok Sabha deputy speaker said, “We have to admit that the family did support the party during troubled times. We have some differences with Panneerselvam and his group and that is why we want to have talks with him. We will be able to sort out our differences and provide a good government as per people’s aspirations.” The speaker also stressed that it is the duty of the party members to take care of the legacy that was left by the founder MGR and the prominent leader Jayalalithaa.

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