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Australians are well known to treat their ‘mateys’ with much love and respect. The former Australian sensation, Steve Waugh, proved that he is no different by travelling all the way to India just to fulfill the last wishes of his best friend.

steve waugh with friends ashes Stephen, the late best mate of the cricketer, sadly passed away just four months ago. His last wish was for his remains to be flowed in to the holy river Ganga in Varanasi, India. Being the true friend he is, Steve took his ashes and came here just so that his friend’s soul could find some peace.

steve waugh at ganga river

Travelling with his friend, Steve reached Varanasi on Tuesday afternoon after which he hired a guide and reached the Dshashwmed Ghat directly. Then they went all the way to Manikarnika Ghat to immerse the ashes of his mate into the Ganga river.

Talking to the media, Steve Waugh said, “Stephen was my very loving friend. His last wish was that after his death, his mortal remains were to be immersed here.” A great cricketer, a good friend and a wonderful human being – Steve Waugh is all this and much more!

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