Sun, 21 January 2018. 03:59

Over the last few days, Whatsapp users have gone gaga about the new ‘Snapchat’ type status update. This allowed the users to broadcast stories like Snapchat, including animation. This replaced the old way of text statuses. But once released, WhatsApp witnessed a huge failure of the broadcast messages.

This failure made the corporation to realize that sometimes boring written text status like ‘Hey There! I am on WhatsApp’, Busy, Available and custom messages are adequate. In an attempt to rectify their mistake, now WhatsApp is bringing back the text status option in the application.

Ever since the update was launched, social media has been ablaze with users expressing their discontent over the update. The company took this to notice and realized that change can’t be forced down the chain and costs sensible features that work just fine. This made the corporation take the decision to bring back the text only old status update to the application.

The present status tab will remain the same wherein one can update videos, but the old text field to enter written status update is back on latest beta version and will be back on all formats soon. The status bar can be accessed under profile settings within the app like the old version.

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