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Pakistan wants to solve issues ‘amicably’!

On Friday, Pakistan said that it wants to amicably solve all issues with India, including Kashmir. The statement caused a stir as the previous...

Drunk driving on New Year’s Eve? Kiss your passport and visa goodbye!!

New Year's Eve, a night of celebrations, drinking and partying. But if you have plans to get behind the wheel inebriated, forego them. This...

List of good changes that took place in 2016

A few hours and the year will come to an end. All the mishaps that had taken place in the World throughout the year...
shortage of cash

ATMs still face shortage of cash.

Almost two thirds of ATMs across India still faced a shortage of cash until Friday. This shortage happened as the banks decided to distribute...

China yet again shields Masood Azhar from UN

On Friday, China rejected the UN security sanctions against the Pakistani based Jaish-e-Mohammed Chief and Pathankot attack mastermind Maulana Masood Azhar as a terrorist....

New withdrawal limits for ATM’s!

On Saturday, the Reserve Bank of India has declared a new withdrawal limit from ATMs. The revised amount is Rs. 4,500 per day from...
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Teenager Exploited with Tollywood dreams.

A teenager left her home in Banjara Hills on December 3 with eyes filled with dreams of making it big in Tollywood. Six persons...
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Banks to submit details of Demonetised money deposits.

The Reserve Bank of India has on Friday, asked all the banks across the country to submit a report about the deposits of demonetised...

7 Foods to Eat in the New Year

Let’s get cooking. And eating. With 1st January falling on a Sunday, let’s take this opportunity to cook and celebrate with family and friends....
US President

Russian Embassy calls US President ‘lame duck’!!

The U.S., President Barack Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats on Thursday. The government suspected them to be spies of Russia. Apart...

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