Andhra Pradesh: Despite Lockdown Guntur Railways Made Huge Revenues

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The Guntur railway division made huge revenues despite nationwide lockdown.

A district railway station in Andhra Pradesh, generated massive revenues from export of chillies, turmeric and ginger to Bangladesh in the last month.

The exporters choose railways for freight movement in the wake of restrictions on the cargo vehicles on road across the nation due to the lockdown conditions.

 With many states not easing the rules for movement of goods carriers as part of containment zone as a measures to curb the spread of the Novel Coronavirus  the Guntur Railway division exported the products.

The Guntur division generated a whopping Rs.34.07 crores during June, 2020 through freight earnings

This is 177 % growth over the corresponding period of 2019.

Narendra Varma, a senior divisional commercial manager said, “Their revenues shoot up from just Rs.12.3 crore during the last June to Rs.34.07 crore in June, 2020.”  He further added, “We have handled 2.46 lakhs tonnage freight in the last month against the 93,974 tonnage of freight in June 2019. The growth rate in terms of tonnage is 162%.”


Mr. Varma explained earnings and said Rs. 34.07 crores is highest ever freight earnings reported for any month during last 7 financial years in Guntur Division.  He said that about 47 rakes of food grains with 1,23,871 tonnes were loaded helping them make Rs.16.54 crores. 

Amid the coronavirus situation, Guntur Railway division made it big this time. 

Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh reported a total of 15,252 cases of the Novel Coronavirus. 

The State Government is taking all the possible measures to control the spread of the virus and make it COVID-19 free State. 

Stay tuned for further updates.


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