Andhra Pradesh HC Orders To Postpone Group I Mains Exams

The Andhra Pradesh High Court (HC) directed the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) to postpone the 2018 Group 1 Mains Examinations.

The HC agreed with the candidates’ arguments stating that there were errors in the Group-1 preliminary examination paper and issued key directives to remove those mistakes and release another list of candidates.

In this context, the High Court directed the APPSC to postpone the Group-1 Mains examination which is scheduled to take place from November.

Some candidates have approached the court alleging errors in the Group-1 exam. They felt that they are at a loss if the mains examination is conducted without removing those questions.

The advocate explained to the court that the Telugu medium candidates had suffered severely due to mistakes in the Group-1 prelims examination paper to which the court agreed with the counsel’s argument on behalf of the candidates.

A senior advocate who argued on behalf of the candidates brought to the notice of the court that some mistakes were made in the APPSC prelims examination which could lead to serious loss to the Telugu medium candidates.

In regard to this the APPSC is likely to set up a committee of basic key experts. A committee of experts examining the primary key has released the revised key.

However, many candidates said that there were mistakes in the revised one as well. However, the final key was also released by the expert committee. However, many candidates complained that mistakes were made in that key as well. They all filed a petition in court seeking justice. A writ petition was filed in the High Court in this regard. The court issued the latest directions in the wake of the release of the APPSC schedule to maintain the Mains on the 2nd of November.

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