AP Food Processing 2020-2025 State Level Conference Starts Today

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The Andhra Pradesh Food Processing Policy 2020-2025 policy conference started from the 30th of September. 

Kursala Kannababu, the Agriculture and Marketing Minister of Andhra Pradesh inaugurated the 2020-2025 State Conference on Food Processing.

Mr. Kannababu said during the food processing conference, there would be training sessions for staff on food processing practices, food processing policy implementation and others.

On the occasion, the Minister briefed the officials over the government objectives, rural development, employment, industry skill development and other issues in food sector.

The food processing policy would be a revolution to strengthen the food and agriculture sector in Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Kannababu said the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is taking all measures to strengthen the farmers financially, and the policy will be implemented with the aim of doubling the income for rural development and farmers’ produce.

Mr. Kannababu further said,”Adding value to crop products, their marketing, agriculture, horticulture and dairy products have a lot of potential for farmers’ development.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Poonam Malakondaiah, Special Secretary, Department of Agriculture, clarified that the idea of ​​the Government behind the conference is to set up an agro processing cluster within each assembly constituency.

Today’s inauguration event of the Food Processing Policy 2020-2025 was attended by the Agriculture Commissioner Arun Kumar, Fisheries Commissioner Mr. Kannababu, AP Seeds Commissioner M.D. Sekhar Babu Geddam, Food Processing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sridhar Reddy and other horticulture officials.

The event is being organised at Vijayawada the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) office.

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