IT Officials Raid Kalki Bhagwan’s Ashram

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The Income Tax (IT) Department, on the 16th of October, conducted raids at the ashram of Kalki Bhagwan in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

The IT officials divided themselves into four groups and conducted searches at approximately 40 places in Chennai and Andhra Pradesh.  Apart from the ashram, the officials also raided the properties owned by Kalki Bhagwan’s son Krishna and his business associates in Chennai.

According to the IT officials, the search was carried out after receiving information from intelligence that Krishna invested in his business associates’ ventures and evaded heavy tax.  The IT officials suspected financial misappropriation, due to which, they carried out the raids.

The IT officials even interrogated Lokesh Dasoji, the Kalki Trust Manager and Chief Executive Officer and Krishna.

The IT officials seized documents and are expected to continue the raid till late evening on the 16th of October.

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