Jammu And Kashmir 4G Ban To Be Lifted Soon, Says Central Government

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On the 11th of August, the Central Government informed the Supreme Court (SC) regarding the uplifting of the imposed 4G ban in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Since the Central Government revoked Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and announced it to be a Union Territory, the region witnessed curfews and ban on 4G internet.

However, a year later, the Centre said it is open to lifting restrictions on high speed 4G mobile internet services on a trial basis. The services would begin in selected areas of Jammu and Kashmir after the 15th of August.

Attorney General K.K.Venugopal representing the Central Government said, the 4G internet services would be lifted in each district of Jammu and Kashmir post 15th of August.

The decision was informed to the Supreme Court (SC) during a hearing on the 11th of August.

A non government organization (NGO,) Foundation for Media Professionals, filed a petition in June demanding contempt proceedings against the Centre and Jammu and Kashmir administration.

As per the petition, the Jammu and Kashmir administration and the Central Governmen failed to act upon the direction of the Supreme Court.

On the 11th of May, during a Court proceedings, the SC directed the Central Government to review restrictions on mobile internet speed in the union territory.

The Court said, the Centre should explore the possibility of restoring 4G mobile internet services in Jammu and Kashmir.

R. Subhash Reddy, hearing the case said, “L-G Murmu has said that there is no difficulty in restoring 4G. You have to give an explanation to that.”

The former LG Mr. Murmu in July spoke about the restoration of 4G internet services. He said restoration of the internet service would not be a problem and Pakistan will continue with its propaganda even if the mobile internet speed is restricted to 2G.

The comments came after the Central Government cited Islamabad’s propaganda for the restrictions.

After months of court hearings and restrictions, the Central Government would finally restore 4Ginternet services in Jammu and Kashmir.

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