Retired Andhra Judge And Wife Commit Suicide

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Pamuluru Sudhakar, a retired district judge of Andhra Pradesh and P. Varalakshmi, his wife, committed suicide on Friday near Tirupati.

Sixty five year old Pamuluru Sudhakar felt helpless because of his health issues, which led him to commit suicide by jumping under a train. Fifty six year old Varalakshmi Sudhakar heard about her husband’s death and took her life in the same manner as him. The police found the dead bodies on a railway track near Chadalavada Engineering College in Renigunta, 10 km from Tirupati.

The police found a suicide note at the spot, which stated Sudhakar was ending his life as he couldn’t handle the unbearable pain of his long standing kidney ailment.

The children of the deceased were in shock. The bodies have been sent for post mortem and further investigations are going on.



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