TDP Leaders Meet Governor Over Attacks On Hindu Temple, Seek CBI Probe

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders complained to the Andhra Pradesh (A.P.,) Governor Bishwabhushan Harichandan about the attacks on Hindu temples and destruction of idols in the state.

A team of leaders comprising Narendra Kumar, Tenali Shravan Kumar, Varla Ramaiah and Buddha Venkanna on the 7th of January complaint the State Governor.

There have been 144 such incidents across the state since the YSRCP government came to power. He asked the governor to take steps to ensure a CBI inquiry is launched into all this. Later, the leaders told the media that the government would not take any action if there were a series of attacks on temples in AP. TDP leaders have flagged that ministers are acting irresponsibly  land that the government’s business style is in such a way that it is undermine religious harmony. 

Theeaders questioned what some priests as to what they are doing to defend Hindu Dharma when attacks are being continued.

They fumed at Y.S. Jagan for raising the issue of demolition of idols in TDP regime and asked what had he done at the time of demolition. “The governor was also shocked to learn that there had been more than 140 attacks on temples in the state,” TDP leaders said. They were incensed that the government was treating series of incidents irresponsibly and outraged that they were trying to file illegal cases against them.

The TDP also alleged that the DGP was acting negligently and said that the DGP should be held responsible for the consequences if he wants to file cases against TDP leader Chandrababu. The TDP opined that YSRCP has lost the right to rule the state and demanded the imposition of presidential rule in AP.



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