‘TDP To Win Elections,’ Says J C Pavan Kumar Reddy

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J.C. Pavan Kumar Reddy, on the 11th of March, attended his first public meeting, ahead of the Andhra Pradesh (AP) Assembly elections.

At the meeting, he said, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) will win the elections.

During the public meeting at the Anantapur Parliament Segment of 6th and 7th Division, Mr. Reddy officially announced, he is contesting as the Member of Parliament (MP) of the Anantapur constituency.

While addressing the citizens of Anantapur, Reddy appealed to them to vote for the TDP and make the Party the powerful ruling government in Andhra Pradesh.

According to sources, Pavan Kumar Reddy kick started his campaign in the Anantapur district, for the upcoming AP Assembly elections.

The TDP members, activists, leaders and Party workers organised a grand welcome for Pavan Reddy.

During the tenure of the TDP Government in Andhra Pradesh, several welfare schemes, development projects and other beneficiary activities were implemented in the State.

Since 2014, after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into the State of AP and the State of Telangana, N. Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of AP, launched several schemes to ensure the development of the State and its citizens.

Welfare schemes for unemployment, education, poverty and many more helped AP stand strong after the bifurcation.

Recently, Naidu, the President of the TDP, went on a 12 hour strike to get a Special Category Status (SCS) granted to the State, which was denied by the Central Government.

Contesting on the TDP ticket, J.C. Pavan Reddy will continue the legacy of his father, J.C. Diwakar Reddy, the current MP of the Anantapur district.

Andhra Pradesh will contest a total of 175 seats in the upcoming Assembly elections, scheduled on the 11th of April 2019. The results of the elections will be announced on the 23rd of May 2019.

Stay tuned for further updates about the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections.



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