Telangana Will Soon Witness Monsoon

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After the scorching heat waves which reached at its extreme this year, Telangana will soon witness monsoon.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD,) on the 13th of June, the South West Monsoon will touch the State.

As per IMD reports, the South West Monsoon will enter Kerala first, then Andhra Pradesh and last Telangana.

Although monsoon was supposed to hit Kerala by 6th of June,new reports suggest it will be delayed till June 8, whereas in Andhra Pradesh rain is expected by the 11th of June.

In the last few days, Telangana was compared to the Thar Desert due to continuous increasing heatwaves.

Approximately 40 people died in the past two months of scorching summer due to heat strokes, as the temperature crossed 44.8 degree Celsius.

According to the IMD reports, Telangana will witness moderate rain in June and heavy shower in the month of July.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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