Vara Prasad Of JanaSena Protests Outside Police Station

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Vara Prasad, a member of the JanaSena Party, on the 11th of August, staged a protest outside Malikipuram Police Station.

The protest was staged with the demand Rama Rao, the Sub Inspector of the Malikipuram area, be suspended.  Vara Prasad also asked the SI to apologise to him for using abusive language against him and insulting him.

Vara Prasad went to the Malikipuram Police Station and asked SI Rama Rao to release a person who was a patient.  However, Rama Rao not only refused to release the patient, but also insulted Vara Prasad by using abusive language.

Rama Rao arrested the patient while he was playing cards.

Vara Prasad, along with other members of the JanaSena Party, staged the protest and said they would continue the protest till Rama Rao is suspended and he extends an apology for his behaviour.

No comments were given by the officials at the Police Station, where the JanaSena Party members are protesting.

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