Visakhapatnam Gas Leak Tragedy : Villagers Disappointed On LG Polymer’s Closure Judgement?

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Visakhapatnam gas leak tragedy which killed 12 people and left hundreds injured due to a gas leakage from LG Polymers would be closed soon.

The Andhra Pradesh (A.P.,) High Court (HC,) on the 27th of May, announced the closing of the LG Polymers and shifting the plant to another safe place.

In a shocking view to the HC’s decision, a lot of villagers in the 5 km radius of the plant, who suffered due to the incident, staged a protest against the decision.   

On the 9th of May, these villagers were protesting with a demand for the closure of LG Polymers, but today there are many villagers who are disappointed by the closure, fearing for their livelihood.

According to sources, the villagers staged a protest against the closure of the plant and want the company to continue operating in the locality. 

However, they appealed to the owners of the plant to ensure better safety protocols and take concrete steps to avoid recurrence of the accident. 

The reason to appeal for the continuation of the plant is it provides jobs to 400 to 500 villagers in the area.  The villages which would be affected in terms of employment due to the closure of the plant are: Venkatapuram, Nandamuri Nagar, Kamparapalem, SC/BC Colony and Padmanabha Nagar.

In addition, it also provides contract based projects to many labourers in the 5 km radius of the plant.

Many residents of the aforementioned villages fear a negative impact on their livelihoods if the plant ceased it’s operations.

The investigation against the LG Polymers is still underway.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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