250 People Killed After Military Plane Crashed In Algeria

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250 People Killed After Military Plane Crashed In Algeria

More than 250 people were killed on Wednesday after a military plane crashed in the Algerian capital Algiers. The plane crash that killed 257 people crashed near the Boufarik air base located between Algiers and Blida.   

The Ilyushin I1-76 transported crashed into a field minutes after takeoff about 15 miles Southwest of Algiers.  Ambulances and emergency workers were immediately rushed to the horrific crash site.

Many of the bodies showed signs of deep burns that were caused by the fuselage catching fire. The authorities announced two people were found alive at the crash site and were being treated. The Defense Minister also announced an investigation was started to find the cause of the crash.  

A member from the FLN ruling party in Algeria said the dead also included 26 people from Polisario. This is an Algerian backed group that has been fighting for Western Sahara territories independence. This area has been claimed by Morocco has been a long running dispute.


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