Accused Of Love Jihad Muslim Labourer Was Burnt Alive

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Love Jihad Muslim Labourer Was Burnt Alive

A disturbing video emerged of a Muslim Labourer being burnt alive in Rajsamand district in Rajasthan. The shocking video shows a man hacking the laborer with an axe and then setting him on fire for allegedly committing Love Jihad.

The police arrested the accused who shot the video and uploaded it to social media. The accused identified as Shambhu Lal Regar is seen threatening everyone who commits Love Jihad will meet the same fate as the man in the video.

On Wednesday, the victim’s half burnt body was found near a hotel in Rajsamand. After investigating the police found the man in the video and the body found were a match. The axe used to brutally beat the victim was recovered by the police. The victim was identified as Mohammed Bhatta Sheikh a laborer from West Bengal.

Rajasthan has been the center of violence after a number of Love Jihad allegations surfaced. The Government promoted a fair that warned Hindu women about Love Jihad and how to avoid falling into their trap.

The pamphlet circulated to promote this fair was impractical and based on baseless information. It went as far as to accuse two famous Bollywood stars of Love Jihad. The worst part about this issue is the Rajasthan Government supported the fair and put out a statement asking young girls to attend the narrow minded Spiritual Fair.

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