BJP Pulls Out Of PDP Alliance In The Jammu And Kashmir Government

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BJP Pulls Out Of PDP Alliance In The Jammu And Kashmir Government

The BJP pulled out of the PDP alliance formed in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday.  At present a PDP led coalition Government rules over the disputed area. This decision from the BJP comes after the Center decided not to extend the Ramzan ceasefire.  

Jammu and Kashmir’s BJP spokesperson Ram Madhav said, “There were two major objectives when we joined the alliance peace and progress in the state. Terrorism and radicalization is on the rise in the state. The murder of editor Shujaat Bukhari shows even press freedom is in danger.”

Madhav further added, “It has become untenable for the BJP to continue the alliance with PDP.” The Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is led by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti.

The relations between the two parties have been strained over the years. Mufti’s party was the first to threaten to leave the party after two BJP ministers stood by the Hindu Ekta Manch. The Hindu Ekta Manch was the group demanding a CBI inquiry into the rape and murder of an 8 year old girl in Kathua.  

The issue settled after the BJP made the two ministers resign from their posts. However, Mufti wanted the ceasefire to be extended even after Ramzan. But the Center decided otherwise after terrorist attacks increased on the border. BJP spokesperson explained, “We granted ceasefire under a position of strength, remember that. They (militants) are not willing to even honor that.” The Center was adamant to halt the ceasefire after the Editor of Rising Kashmir was murdered.

The Rising Kashmir newspaper Editor Shujaat Bukhari was shot dead on Thursday night. Bukhari was leaving his office in Srinagar when he was shot dead by unknown assailants. Apart from Bukhari two officers were also killed in the attack.

The police reported this was a planned attack as the killers waited for Bukhari outside his office. Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief S. P. Vaid explained the men involved in the murder are yet to be identified.  

A CCTV camera caught the three attackers fleeing the site on a motorcycle. The rider wore a helmet while the other two covered their faces with masks.


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