IT Department Raids Sasikala’s Properties, What Did They Find?

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The Income Tax Department raided properties belonging to AIADMK’s Sasikala and her relatives. The raids began on Thursday morning and will cover 188 locations. The IT Department remains quiet on the findings of the raid but there have been a number of speculations.

To begin with, the IT Department might have found incriminating documents showing evasion of taxes by the Sasikala family. The speculations suggest Sasikala and her relatives managed to evade Rs. 1,000 crores worth of taxes. Sources revealed the department seized 8.5 Kgs of gold and Rs. 6 crores in cash during the raids. The IT Department is also scrutinizing 50 bank accounts of the family members.

Jaya TV was one of the places raided by the department on Thursday with the MD Vivek Jayaraman in the center of the investigation. Vivek Jayaraman is the nephew of Sashikala. The IT department froze nearly 100 bank accounts of shell companies linked to Vivek and Jaya TV.

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An IT source revealed a number of documents related to these shell companies were recovered from Vivek’s house. Vivek’s sister, Krishna Priya’s house was also raided and documents were seized. The management of Jaya TV is accused of hiding black money after a number of suspicious transactions from shell companies were made to the mouthpiece of AIADMK after the Demonetization.

This is an ongoing case and more substantial information is yet to be revealed.


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