Reliance Jio claims the data is safe and is maintained with the highest security. But personal details of over 100 million Reliance Jio users have been leaked.
According to a report on a popular news channel, multiple users have reported a website called ‘Magicapk’ has access to the data of Reliance Jio users. They also reported they have confirmed personally the data breach is true. On entering the mobile number, the First, middle, last name of the person, their email ID, Circle ID, date and time of sim activation is made available. However, in some cases the Aadhaar number was also made available.
A data breach of this kind can have serious repercussions of an individual’s privacy. As per the report, the data leak is only confined to the early adopters of Jio.
After the investigation, it has been confirmed the website has been registered in India, but there are no details as to who owns the portal.
Reliance Jio says that strict measures have been put in place to ensure no major data mishaps take place.
“We have come across the unverified and the unsubstantiated claims of the website and are investigating it. Prima facie, the data appears to be unauthentic. We want to assure our subscribers that their data is safe and it is maintained with the highest security. The data is only shared with authorities as per their requirement. We have informed the law enforcement agencies about the claims of the website and will follow through it to ensure strict action is taken,” said a Jio spokesperson.
However, it seems like there has been some action taken against the website. On trying to access the website, it throws up an error saying “This account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.”