In Madhya Pradesh’s Burhanpur district 15 Muslim men were arrested for celebrating Pakistan’s victory over India in the Champions Trophy final. But the state police dropped the sedition charges against them.

The men are aged between 19 to 35 and were arrested after locals complained that the men were shouting pro Pakistan slogans and lighting firecrackers. The incident happened on Sunday immediately after the match.

On the same day, four people were arrested by the Karnataka police in Kodagu district for the same reason of celebrating Pakistan’s win over India.

Burhanpur Parihar, Senior police officer said, “It’s difficult to prove the sedition charge.”

He also added that the 15 men have been instead charged for disturbing communal harmony.

On Sunday, Pakistan beat the reigning champions India by 180 runs in London at The Oval.

Amnesty International were furious and demanded the release of the 15 men immediately.

In a statement Amnesty International said, “The arrests of at least 19 people for celebrating Pakistan cricket team’s victory over India in the final of a major tournament is another worrying sign of the erosion of freedom of expression in India.”

Programmes Director of Amnesty International India, Asmita Basu said, “Supporting a sporting team is a matter of individual choice and arresting someone for cheering a rival team clearly violates their right to freedom of expression.”