On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pointed out the growing terror groups in the world from LeT and JeM to IS and Boko Haram. Narendra Modi addressed the issue at the G20 summit on Friday and brought forward that certain countries are using terrorism as a tool. He also explained that although the terrorist groups are differently labeled but are united by a common ideology.

Modi took the lead on terrorism and presented the rest of the world leaders at the G20 with an 11 point action agenda. The action agenda is in reference to fighting the global menace of terrorism. Modi clearly called out Pakistan when he said, “some nations are using terrorism for achieving political goals.”

Modi also said that all the terrorist groups are on the same level, “Their only ideology is to spread hatred and commit massacres.”

The Prime Minister of India emphasized that terrorist groups are networked better than Nations.

The G20 statement released, “There should be no `safe spaces’ for terrorist financing anywhere in the world…In order to eliminate all such `safe spaces’, we commit to intensify capacity building and technical assistance, especially in relation to terrorist financing hot spots.”

The statement also revealed the action that needs to be taken to cut financing of these terror groups. “Low-cost attacks by small cells and individuals funded by small amounts of money transferred through a wide range of payment means are an increasing challenge. We call on the private sector to continue to strengthen their efforts to identify and tackle terrorism financing.”

Modi spoke out and said that the international response to terrorism was slow and there needed to be more cooperation among nations to fight the issue.

Narendra Modi took the stand and urged the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) nations to take the lead and fight terror.

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