Sasikala’s Undisclosed Cash Worth Rs. 1,430 Crores

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The Income Tax Department revealed shocking details regarding the raids conducted at the premises linked to jailed AIADMK leader V. K. Sasikala and her family. The department seized Rs. 1,430 crores worth of undisclosed income.

IT officials on Monday revealed the findings of the raids from Sasikala’s premises and her nephew T.T.V. Dinakaran’s home.

During the searches the tax investigators recovered Rs. 7 crores in cash and Rs. 5 crores worth of jewelry in Chennai. The official explained, “A lot of incriminating documents were found and prima facie we have detected undisclosed income of Rs. 1,430 crore.”

Earlier, it was speculated the IT Department froze the bank accounts of multiple shell companies linked to Jaya TV. An IT official confirmed the claim and stated the bank accounts were being investigated.

The Managing Director of Jaya TV and Sasikala’s nephew, Vivek Jayaraman was called for questioning by the tax authorities. The premises of Jaya TV was raided on Thursday and the officials found suspicious documents regarding these shell companies.

On the fifth day, the officials are searching the Green Tea Estate in Nilgiris District. This 670 acre estate in Curzon, Tamil Nadu was purchased by the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and her confidant Sasikala five years ago.


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