See Pictures: Hyderabad Fire Service Personnel Rescues Pigeon

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See Pictures: Hyderabad Fire Service Personnel Rescues Pigeon

The Hyderabad Fire Service personnel at the Bonalu celebrations at Charminar rescued a pigeon hanging on to death. The team spotted a pigeon entangled in maanja on one of the minars. The personnel immediately kicked into gear and rescued the fully grown pigeon.

One of the Charminar pillars is under renovation with a bamboo protection where the bird was stuck. The rescue team was led by Sadiq Ali who is the leading fireman of the Moghalpura Fire Station. Mr. Ali along with his staff Shaik Munaf and Abdul Khadeer rushed to the pigeon’s rescue.  

The team used a long stick to untangle the pigeon from the maanja allowing it to fly to its freedom. The crowd around watched and celebrated as the bird flew away. Maanja is one of the most dangerous things for birds, many cut themselves on heavy impact. The firemen were gentle and ensured the bird was free without getting cut.

This deserves a salute to the Fire Service Personnel for saving the life of a pigeon. See the pictures of the rescue below:





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