Supreme Court Crisis: Judges And Politicians React To The Unprecedented Press Conference

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Supreme Court Crisis: Judges And Politicians React To The Unprecedented Press Conference

After the shocking press conference by the Supreme Court Judges concluded many have given their reactions. The four sitting judges of the Supreme Court on Friday called a press conference making startling claims about the working of the Apex Court.

At the press conference, Justice Chelameswar was quoted saying, “Many things less than desirable have happened in the last few months. We owe a responsibility to the institution and the nation. We tried to collectively persuade the Chief Justice that certain things are not in order and remedial measures are necessary,”

He further added, “Unfortunately our efforts have failed in convincing the Chief Justice of India to take steps to protect this institution.” These claims about the ongoing crisis in the Indian judiciary is concerning and can cause dire consequences.

A retired High Court Judge, V. K. Sharma gave his side to this crisis, “For the first time, a rift in the judiciary has come out in the open. Earlier, when there were differences among judges, we used to have full court meetings to resolve them, but this time the judges couldn’t resolve them and came out to the public.”

Supreme Court Advocate Indira Jaising appreciated the SC judges for coming forward. She was quoted saying, “This is historic. I congratulate the four judges. I agree with them and it’s commendable. There should be consensus between the five senior most Supreme Court judges.”

Former Law Minister Ashwani Kumar stated, “The honor of the institution of the apex court has been hurt.” He further said, “Serious questions have been raised from within the judiciary and this is a cause of concern.”

Senior BJP Leader Subramanian Swamy called the judges men of great integrity and said the PM must ensure the judges and the CJI come to a conclusion and proceed further.

But everyone did not take the judges side and many condemned the press conference. Retired High Court Judge R. S. Sodhi said the conference was immature. He further stated the four judges should be impeached and said, “Four judges cannot come together and speak against the CJI like this. Why should the CJI cow down to them?”

Senior Lawyer and Rajya Sabha MP Majeed Memon said, “What has happened today was very distressing, unfortunate and regrettable. Such a thing could have been avoided.”

Former Lokayukta and retired judge of the Supreme Court Justice Santosh Hegde was quoted saying, “I am not questioning their motive. There are lots of illegal things going on in the Supreme Court. But the judiciary cannot behave like the Executive or the Legislative. When the judiciary approaches the public domain, it is the end of judicial confidence.”

The CPI(M) stated it required a thorough investigation to understand how the independence and integrity of the Indian judiciary have been affected.

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