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  • ISIS is a Sadistic Terror Group, Sadistic Terror Group 2017,barbaric act, monotheistic religion,ISIS,Melek Taus,Peacock Angel

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    Man from Chennai Tries to Recruit for Daesh

    The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested a Chennai based man for cultivating the Islamic State ideology and plotting a conspiracy for terror attacks in Tamil Nadu. The NIA released a statement that accused Shakul Hameed…

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    Whizkid Invents ElectroShoe For Women’s Protection

    A 17 year old Indian boy decided to do more for women's safety in India than the government. Siddharth has invented the ElectroShoe that can help women defend themselves from attackers by electrocuting them with…

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    China Opens New Highway Connecting Tibet and Nepal

    Media reports stated China has opened a strategic highway along the Tibet and Nepal border. They plan to use the border for civilian and defense purposes. According to some Chinese experts, this will help Beijing…

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    Dawood Ibrahim’s Younger Brother Arrested for Extortion

    Iqbal Kaskar the brother of underworld mafia Dawood Ibrahim was arrested in Mumbai for his connection with a case of extortion. Head of the Anti Extortion cell in Thane, Pradeep Sharma made the arrest. The…

  • Gujarat Riots Case,2002 Gujarat Riots,Gujarat riots,Amit Shah Testifies in Riots Case,Amit Shah Gujarat Riots case,Amit Shah Testifies in 2002 Gujarat Riots Case

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    Amit Shah Testifies for Maya Kodnani in 2002 Gujarat Riots Case

    On Monday, BJP President Amit Shah explained to the special court that former Gujarat Minister Maya Kodnani was at the State Assembly and then at a government hospital the day of the deadly riots that…

  • Y.C Modi named NIA chief,YC Modi appointed as new NIA chief,YC Modi,Y C Modi is new NIA chief,IPS officer Appointed as NIA Chief,Modi Appointed YC

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    Y.C. Modi Appointed as NIA Chief

    On Monday, Y.C. Modi was announced as the new Director General of National Investigation Agency (NIA) replacing Sharad Kumar. The present Director General Sharad Kumar's terms as NIA Chief ends in October 2017. On Monday…

  • Next Economic Superpower,India Next Economic Superpower,India as an emerging superpower,India to become economic superpower,Will India ever become a superpower?,india rising superpower

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    India Can be the Next Economic Superpower

    India will soon take over China as the economic superpower keeping in mind its young population while compared to China. An economist at Deloitte India, Anis Chakravarty said, "India will account for more than half…

  • Google Launches Payments App Tez,Google Tez app,Google launches Tez payment app in India,Google launches Tez,payments apps,paytm,Google Launches Payments App

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    Google Launches Payments App ‘Tez’

    The world's tech giant Google launched its United Payments Interface (UPI) payments based app called 'Tez.' The app much like Paytm will allow you to make financial transactions like receiving and sending money directly to…

  • Indian Railways Rule on Sleep Hours,Rule on Sleep Hours,Indian Railways sleeping time for passengers,Rule for Sleeping passengers,new rule for Train Passengers ,Indian Railways new rule for Passengers

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    Indian Railways Rule on Sleep Hours

    Almost everyone in India has traveled by train and would have encountered a fight regarding berths. It is a common issue that the upper berth passengers face when the lower berth passengers want to sleep…

  • Arjan Singh Passes Away,Marshal of Air Force Arjan Singh passes away,indian air force officer Passes Away,Marshal Arjan Singh,Air Force Arjan Singh passed away,Arjan Singh no more

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    Five Star Ranked Officer Arjan Singh Passes Away

    Today morning in New Delhi, the state funeral for Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh will be held. On Saturday, the 98 year old war hero passed away at the Army's Research and…