• Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah,State Flag Led To Controversy, Karnataka Demand For Separate Flag,Karnataka Flag Controversy,Anti national, Karnataka Flag news

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    Karnataka: The Demand For Separate State Flag Led To Controversy

    On Thursday, the Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah said that the Congress led State government will comply with their demand of having a separate State flag. He had set up a panel of 9 persons to…

  • Ram Nath Kovind 14th President of India,Ram Nath Kovind as president,India President Ram Nath Kovind,President Election Result 2017,President of India,President Election 2017,#RamNathKovind

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    Ram Nath Kovind The 14th President of India

    Ram Nath Kovind has been declared the 14th President of India. Kovind (71) is the second Dalit leader ever since R.K. Narayanan to become president. The counting of votes began at 11 A.M. this morning…

  • LinkedIn Lite Android app Launched In India,LinkedIn Lite Android app,LinkedIn Lite app,LinkedIn Lite app Launched In India,Mango News,LinkedIn Lite

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    ‘LinkedIn Lite’ Android app Launched In India

    On Thursday, LinkedIn launched the 'LinkedIn Lite' Android app which is faster and also a lighter version of its flagship app in India. The app offers the users an intuitive experience on Android's operating system…

  • Digvijay Singh Starts Twitter War with KTR,Digvijay Singh Twitter War with KTR,Twitter War Between Digvijay Singh and KTR,Telangana IT Minister KTR,Hyderabad Drug Racket,Telangana drug scam

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    Digvijay Singh Starts A Twitter War with KTR

    Digvijay Singh, the General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee is in the news yet again for tweeting a strong statement against Telangana IT Minister KTR. The tweet alleged that KTR's influential friends were…

  • Rahul Gandhi Lashes Out at BJP,Mango News,Vice President of Congress Rahul Gandhi,BJP Party,GST,BJP government,Uttar Pradesh Latest News,Political News 2017

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    Rahul Gandhi Lashes Out at BJP Again

    The Vice President of Congress Rahul Gandhi, yet again attacked BJP on Wednesday. He said the BJP is, “so callous, it opens Parliament at midnight for GST, but won't talk about farmers' plight for even…

  • Indian Para Athlete Suvarna Raj,Suvarna Raj Not Allowed to Board IndiGo Flight,international airports,Suvarna Raj News,Latest Breaking News,IndiGo Flight

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    Indian Para Athlete Suvarna Raj Not Allowed to Board IndiGo Flight

    Suvarna Raj, a medal winning Indian para athlete has claimed that she was not allowed to enter an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Udaipur. The incident occurred on Tuesday when the flight attendants told her…

  • Actress Bidisha Bezbaruah Commits Suicide,Bidisha Bezbaruah Suicide,Bidisha Bezbaruah Husband Arrested,Haryana Chief Minister,Bidisha Bezbaruah Suicide News

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    Actress Bidisha Bezbaruah Commits Suicide, Husband Arrested

    An actor and singer from Assam, Bidisha Bezbaruah was found dead hanging from the ceiling. Bidisha was found on Monday at her residence in Sushant Lok Area in Gurugram. The reason for her death was not…

  • BJP MLA Michael Lobo,All India Hindu Convention,Sadhvi Saraswati,Michael Lobo Demands Against Hate Speakers,Goa News,Latest Political News 2017

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    BJP MLA Michael Lobo Demands Action Against Hate Speakers

    On Tuesday, Deputy Speaker and BJP MLA, Michael Lobo took a stand against hate speeches in Goa. He added religious leaders like Sadhvi Saraswati must be arrested and banned from going to Goa. Lobo questioned,…

  • Lalu Prasad Supports Mayawati,Mango News,BSP leader Mayawati,Mayawati resign from Rajya Sabha,Mayawati resigns,Samajwadi party leader Akhilesh Yadav,Latest Political News 2017

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    Lalu Prasad Supports Mayawati

    On Tuesday, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD,) President Lalu Prasad came out to support BSP leader Mayawati. Mayawati resigned from Rajya Sabha on Monday after not being heard out. The RJD President offered Mayawati a seat…

  • Swine Flu Rise in Mumbai,Mango News,Swine Flu,Swine Flu in Mumbai,swine flu in mumbai 2017,H1N1 influenza virus,Breaking News India

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    Swine Flu on the Rise in Mumbai

    In Mumbai in the last two weeks five people have died due to the H1N1 influenza virus. The City civic body also reported two people succumbed to leptospirosis. The civic health officials have raised a…