• Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah,State Flag Led To Controversy, Karnataka Demand For Separate Flag,Karnataka Flag Controversy,Anti national, Karnataka Flag news

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    Karnataka: The Demand For Separate State Flag Led To Controversy

    On Thursday, the Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah said that the Congress led State government will comply with their demand of having a separate State flag. He had set up a panel of 9 persons to…

  • Union Agriculture Minister , Minimum Support Price,Farmers Suicide 2017,Farmers Suicide case,National Crime Records Bureau ,Radha Mohan , Agriculture Minister Reveals Farmers Suicide

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    Union Agriculture Minister Reveals Farmers Suicide Rate

    On Wednesday, Radha Mohan, the Union Agriculture Minister said almost 11,400 farmers have committed suicide in the year 2016. "According to the National Crime Records Bureau data for 2016, which is yet to be published,…

  • Ram Nath Kovind 14th President of India,Ram Nath Kovind as president,India President Ram Nath Kovind,President Election Result 2017,President of India,President Election 2017,#RamNathKovind

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    Ram Nath Kovind The 14th President of India

    Ram Nath Kovind has been declared the 14th President of India. Kovind (71) is the second Dalit leader ever since R.K. Narayanan to become president. The counting of votes began at 11 A.M. this morning…

  • Digvijay Singh Starts Twitter War with KTR,Digvijay Singh Twitter War with KTR,Twitter War Between Digvijay Singh and KTR,Telangana IT Minister KTR,Hyderabad Drug Racket,Telangana drug scam

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    Digvijay Singh Starts A Twitter War with KTR

    Digvijay Singh, the General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee is in the news yet again for tweeting a strong statement against Telangana IT Minister KTR. The tweet alleged that KTR's influential friends were…

  • Free Laptops For Students Of Karnataka,Free Laptops For Karnataka Students,Free Laptops,Law Minister TB. Jaychandra,Karnataka government,Chief Minister Siddaramaiah,Karnataka Breaking News

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    Free Laptops For The Students Of Karnataka

    On Wednesday, the Law Minister, TB. Jaychandra said that the Karnataka government will provide laptops to the students this academic year. The laptops will be given only to the students of poor families who are…

  • Tamil Nadu Plans To Export Beer,Tamil Nadu Export Beer,Tamil Nadu Beer,TASMAC,Export Beer,Tamil Nadu Prohibition,Minister for Electricity P. Thangamani,tamil nadu news 2017

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    Tamil Nadu Plans To Export Beer

    Tamil Nadu has decided to export beer from the State's breweries to compensate for the losses. Following the Supreme Court order, more than 3,000 liquor shops have been closed which is the reason behind the…

  • GHMC to Fix Hyderabad Roads,Hyderabad Roads,GHMC Hyderabad Roads,Fix Hyderabad Roads,Mango News,Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation,Hyderabad restoration roads,Hyderabad Lates News

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    GHMC Have 10 Days to Fix Hyderabad’s Roads

    On Wednesday, a special review meeting was conducted by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to discuss the raising complaints regarding the state of the roads in the city. Navin Mittal, Municipal Administration Secretary was…

  • Salary Hike For Tamil Nadu MLAs,Mango News,Tamil Nadu MLAs Salary Hike,TN MLAs Salary Hike,Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,TN MLAs pay hike,Tamil Nadu government,Political News 2017

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    Salary Hike For Tamil Nadu MLAs

    On Wednesday, Edappadi Palaniswami, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu declared in an assembly that the salaries of the State MLAs have been increased from Rs. 55,000 per month to Rs. 1,50,000 per month. Even…

  • Rahul Gandhi Lashes Out at BJP,Mango News,Vice President of Congress Rahul Gandhi,BJP Party,GST,BJP government,Uttar Pradesh Latest News,Political News 2017

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    Rahul Gandhi Lashes Out at BJP Again

    The Vice President of Congress Rahul Gandhi, yet again attacked BJP on Wednesday. He said the BJP is, “so callous, it opens Parliament at midnight for GST, but won't talk about farmers' plight for even…

  • HC issue Notice,HC issue Notice 4 AP Ministers,Andhra Pradesh High Court,Andhra Pradesh State Government,Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu,Political News 2017

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    Andhra Pradesh: HC issued Notice to State Government and 4 Ministers

    On Tuesday, the State Government and four ministers were issued notices by the Andhra Pradesh High Court. The notices are pertaining to a petition challenging their induction in the state cabinet. The High Court, on issuing…