• LinkedIn Lite Android app Launched In India,LinkedIn Lite Android app,LinkedIn Lite app,LinkedIn Lite app Launched In India,Mango News,LinkedIn Lite

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    ‘LinkedIn Lite’ Android app Launched In India

    On Thursday, LinkedIn launched the 'LinkedIn Lite' Android app which is faster and also a lighter version of its flagship app in India. The app offers the users an intuitive experience on Android's operating system…

  • FB To Tie Up With EDII,Facebook Tie up with EDII,Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India,Boost Your Business,Popular Social Media Facebook,technology news 2017

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    FB To Tie Up With Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

    The social media giant, Facebook tied up the with Gandhinagar based Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) for its ‘Boost Your Business’ program. According to a popular news channel, based on this tie up it…

  • Indian Astronomers,Supercluster Of Galaxies ,Galaxies Identified By Indian Astronomers,Saraswati,Saraswati supercluster,Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics

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    Supercluster Of Galaxies Identified By Indian Astronomers

    A supercluster of galaxies which is located in the direction of the Constellation Pisces has been identified by an Indian Astronomers team. The astronomers have named it as 'Saraswati.' "Saraswati is one of the largest…

  • FIR Registered On AIB,AIB For Identity Theft,AIB Roast case,AIB Fake Phone Number ,All India Bakchod,FIR against AIB,Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya,AIB making woman number viral,AIB FIR case 2017

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    FIR Registered On AIB For Identity Theft

    Technology, the more it helps people the more it harms if used mindlessly. Intentionally or unintentionally it has caused trouble to innocent people over time. This time, the offenders are none other than the popular…

  • Jio Users Personal Details Leaked,Users Personal Details Leaked,Jio Users,Jio ,Jio 2017,Reliance Jio ,Magicapk, 100 million Reliance Jio ,Jio Users 2017,Reliance Jio users Leaked

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    Jio Users Personal Details Leaked

    Reliance Jio claims the data is safe and is maintained with the highest security. But personal details of over 100 million Reliance Jio users have been leaked. According to a report on a popular news…

  • Aadhaar Integrated Services For India,Skype Launches Aadhaar Integrated Services For India,Skype Launches Aadhaar ,Made for India,world largest national identification number,Skype link Aadhaar For India

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    Skype Launches Aadhaar Integrated Services For India

    In an attempt to prevent impersonation, the tech giant Microsoft has launched a new Skype Lite application. This allows the user to verify the caller's identity online. This according to the company is 'Made for India.'…

  • Nokia to tie up with Zeiss,Arto Nummela CEO,Nokia and Zeiss,Nokia and Zeiss phones 2017,Zeiss ,Nokia offering exciting quality

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    Nokia to tie up with Zeiss, offering exciting quality

    On Thursday, 'HMD Global' the home of Nokia phones, and optical giant Zeiss, signed a partnership that will see the Zeiss brand come back to Nokia smartphones, offering superior camera quality. The partnership targets to…

  • Volvo Cars to be Electric by 2019,internal combustion engine ,Volvo Cars 2017,neutral manufacturing operations ,Volvo Cars.electrified Volvo, Volvo Cars 2019 models

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    Volvo Cars to be Electric by 2019

    On Wednesday, Volvo announced from the year 2019 all the cars released by the company will come with an electric motor. This will mark the end of cars with only an internal combustion engine (ICE.)…

  • Nine Smartphones Cheaper After GST,Smartphones Cheaper 2017,GST makes Smartphones Cheaper,Goods and Services Tax,GST roll out,Asus ZenFone 3S Max,Asus ZenFone 3 Max,Panasonic P88,Panasonic Eluga I3 Mega,Panasonic Eluga Pulse X

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    Nine Smartphones That Are Cheaper After GST

    India launched its biggest tax reform since independence, the Goods and Services Tax (GST.) Some believe it could be a disaster while others believe it will be very helpful. Below are the phones that have…

  • Bangalore to be hit by ATM Fraud,Bangalore ATM Fraud,Bangalore ATM Fraud CASE,South Indian Bank ATM in BTM Layout, Fraud ATM case,ATM in BTM

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    Bangalore hit with ATM Fraud

    Bangalore has been hit with a new problem. The city police said 200 residents of Bangalore have been losing money through illegal withdrawals at ATMs, in less than a week's duration. The cops now suspect…