COVID-19 Vaccine With Mild Side Effects Is Only Safe Shield To Fight COVID-19 Illness

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With the vaccines of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) illness, side effects and post vaccine issues have become a major concern for the people. In India, where people are still unaware of the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines, myths about side effects, health issues and other kinds of rumours are spreading through various social media platforms, including WhatsApp.

People are hesitant to take the doses and immunize their bodies to fight against the Wuhan virus, as they are worried about severe health issues. It is not completely false that the anti COVID-19 vaccinations have a few side effects. However, there are no severe side effects, but minor ones, that too for a limited period of time. In addition, these strong vaccines give different side effects to different age groups. While elder/senior citizens might suffer joint pains, body aches and youngsters taking their doses would have temporary side effects like chills, fever, headache and body weakness.

Not only are these side effects common, but they are not harmful as such in the long run. Instead, taking the vaccine doses would reduce a 75 % fear of being infected from the virus. In addition, the efficiency of all the COVID-19 vaccines are above 90%, as it makes an individual’s body immune and strong to fight the virus.

However, there is no clarity and assurance that a vaccinated person would not be infected by the deadly virus. Hence, even after taking both the COVID-19 doses, a person should follow all the guidelines of the Novel Coronavirus, like social distancing, wearing face masks and sanitization.

Meanwhile, after the second wave of the Wuhan virus, the nation is preparing for the possible third wave, which is said to be dangerous for the youth and the children.

Therefore, taking the COVID-19 doses before the possible third wave is the major concern and target of the Central Government and the governments of states and union territories (UTs.)

In India so far with the COVID-19 vaccination drive (started on the 16th of January,) only 6.30 % of the population is completely vaccinated against the Novel Coronavirus. Worldwide the rate of vaccinated people with two doses is 13.20 %.

With the continuation of the vaccine drives, the Central Government and the government of states and union territories (UTs) are ramping up procurement of vaccines from manufacturers. According to sources, the GoI is aiming to vaccinate 50 % of the population by December 2021 and supply the vaccines promptly. In the next six months, the Central Government would also procure 66 crore doses of the two India made COVID-19 vaccines.

Currently, India has four vaccines available. Two of them are made in India vaccines and the remaining two are foreign vaccines. The two India made vaccines are the Serum Institute of India (SII) manufactured Covishield and the Bharat Biotech International Private Limited manufactured COVAXIN. Among the foreign vaccines, one is the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, manufactured by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory, Hyderabad, and the second one is the Moderna vaccine manufactured by Pfizer (USA,) which is only on an import basis.

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