Pune: Entry On Bonnet Of SUV Lands A Bride In Trouble, Booked Under Various Acts

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Despite repeated attempts of the Central Government and state governments regarding the seriousness of the Wuhan virus pandemic. People are treating the situation casually, violating Wuhan virus also known as COVID-19 protocol for moments of joy.

In one such incident in Pune, Maharashtra, a bride was seen without a mask sitting on the bonnet of an SUV. Soon the picture of the 23 year old bride went viral on social media platforms, which created trouble for her.

According to sources, in the viral video, the bride was seen sitting on the bonnet of the moving car and was on her way to her wedding venue. The video was planned one, mostly her entry at her wedding venue and a man on a motorcycle was recording it.

However, things didn’t go as per plan and landed the bride in trouble as the Pune Police registered a case against her. An official in a statement said, “The woman was sitting on the bonnet of the moving vehicle while a man on a motorcycle shot the video. We have charged the woman, the videographer, and other people in the vehicle, including the driver, under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, Disaster Management Act, Maharashtra Covid Regulation Act among others. None of them were wearing masks either.”

The incident took place at Diva Ghat, Pune and the wedding venue was Saswad.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Is Safe And Healthy For Pregnant Women, Confirms Union Health Ministry #VaccineAwareness

By Varsha Joshi- July 10, 2021

COVID-19, Covid-19 Vaccination for Pregnant Women, Health ministry allows Covid-19 vaccination for pregnant, Mango News, Pregnant women in India now eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine, Pregnant women now eligible for Covid-19 vaccination, Pregnant Women Now Eligible for Covid-19 Vaccine, Pregnant women too can get Covid 19 vaccination, Union health ministry, Union Health Ministry Approved Covid-19 Vaccination for Pregnant Women, Vaccination of pregnant women approved

Even after the approval to get the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, pregnant women are expressing concern and avoiding vaccines.


Amid the ongoing second wave of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19,) on the 2nd of July, the Union Health Ministry approved the COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women in India. The approval was based on the recommendations of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI.) The advisory conducted a detailed study of the COVID-19 vaccines and its impact on pregnant women, following which approved the same.


Initially, COVID-19 vaccine for women were under trials, which was later announced safe and important to take for pregnant women. However, still the rates of pregnant women taking COVID-19 vaccine doses are low.


Despite the guidelines of the Central Government and the approval, many women are lacking interest or being uncomfortable with taking vaccines. To add to their hesitation, social media platforms and various myths about vaccines and vaccination drives added fear amongst people. Some of the major myths regarding the vaccine are complications in pregnancy, side effects in fertility, and lactating mothers should not take vaccines. In order to burst these myth bubbles, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) issued a set of guidelines, explaining the pros and cons of not taking COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women.


The Central Government and state governments are working hard and creating awareness about the vaccination, especially for women expecting a baby.


Dr. V.K.Paul, a member of the NITI Aayog said, “We took time to recommend vaccination for pregnant women as studies were going on and now as all studies are in favour of vaccination for pregnant women, we are strongly recommending it.” He further said, “There might be or might not be some other pregnancy-related complications. It is the question of two lives. But it is not the only reason. There are risks of pre-term delivery too if a pregnant woman gets infected by Covid. Then it affects both the mother and the premature baby. So the vaccine has been recommended as it can prevent such complications.”


Meanwhile, currently, three vaccines against the Novel Coronavirus, the Serum Institute of India’s (SII) Covishield, Bharat Biotech Private Limited’s COVAXIN and the Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory manufactured Russian made Sputnik V are available and safe for pregnant women in India.


It is to be noted, a pregnant woman could take COVID-19 vaccine at any point of time.

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