Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Episode-17 Highlights

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 aired its 17th episode on the 6th of August.

The seventeenth episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 showed a conflict between the house members and Tamanna Simhadri.

Tammana commented about the members of the Bigg Boss house and the house members were also unhappy with Tamanna’s behaviour.

Episode 17 (August 6th) Highlights: Tamanna’s comments about Ravi Krishna, Rahul and Siva Jyothi

The episode began with Tamanna yelling at the members of the house.

Rohini, Siva Jyothi and Ali Reza listened to her comments and responded back.  Siva Jyothi and Tammana had an argument regarding journalism. Tammana continued to scream and shout at the house members and continued provoking Ravi Krishna and others.

Rahul responded to Tamanna’s comments and said, “Come on, Tamanna Kodataa, I will not do anything to the girls.”

On the other hand, Varun Sandesh, Vithika and Punarnavi Bhupalam were excited about the nominations.

Later, Bigg Boss called Ravi Krishna and Srimukhi to the confession room and asked their opinion about the nomination process.

In the confession room, Ravi Krishna said Tamanna was testing the patience of the house members by making personal comments.

After interacting with Srimukhi and Ravi Krishna, Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task of the house.  The task, called Stealing Caution, had Bigg Boss assigning different roles to the house members.

Varun and Tamanna were made heads of the village, Ali and Punarnavi were made a couple, Vithika and Rohini were asked to play sisters, Rahul and Mahesh Vitta brothers, Himaja a lawyer and Baba Bhasker and Siva Jyothi a police officer and constable respectively.

On the other hand, Ravi Krishna, Srimukhi and Ashu Reddy were asked to play thieves.

The episode was exciting because of the game and the house members enjoyed playing it.  The winner of the task will be announced in the next episode of the Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

Stay tuned for further updates about Bigg Boss Telugu 3.


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