Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Episode 12 Highlights

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Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is entertaining people and has gained a good viewership in just 12 days.

This season, Akkineni Nagarjuna is the host of the show.

In the previous episode, the house members performed Luxury Budget tasks.

In the 12th episode, Big Boss gave a Power Game Task to the house members and selected the winner of the task as the captain of the house.

Episode 12 (August 1) Highlights: Varun Sandesh selected as the first captain of Bigg Boss Telugu 3

The day began with the Follow Follow song from Nannaku Prematho movie.

In yesterday’s episode, Varun Sandesh became the Bigg Boss house captain, as he won the Power Game Task given by Bigg Boss.

In the Power Game Task, the contestants had to take the diamond, which was in the garden area, in several rounds.  Whoever took the diamond the most number of times would be declared the captain of the house.  There were three rounds and the final contestants for captaincy were Varun Sandesh, Himaja and Ali Reza.

Later, the house members voted for their favourite contender, following which, Varun Sandesh got more votes than the remaining two and became the captain of the house.

Although Varun became the captain, the stars of the episode were Ali Reza and Siva Jyothi.  During the task, Siva got the diamond but fell down and hurt herself.  Ali grabbed this opportunity and took the diamond from Siva.

However, later, Ali refused to accept his win as Siva was hurt and offered the crown and the diamond to Siva.

On the other hand, Siva also refused to accept the crown which was given by Ali and gave it back to Ali.  After becoming the commander of the house, Ali ordered the male members to dress up like women and the women members to dress up like men.

In the next episode, the house members will share stories from their lives.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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