Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Episode 9 Highlights

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In another exciting episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 with Akkineni Nagarjuna as the host, the audience witnessed the beginning of another elimination process.

In the 9th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, which was aired on the 29th of July, the contestants continued having arguments and clashes.  The nomination process continued in the ninth episode of Bigg Boss 3.

Episode 9 (29th July) Highlights: Tamanna Sinhadri’s entry into the house, the nomination process

The episode started with the house members talking about the nomination process and Tamanna Sinhadri entering the Bigg Boss house.  The members were excited to see Tamanna.

While conversing with them, Tamanna said she did not like the way Varun and Vithika treated Mahesh Vitta.

Later, for this week’s elimination, each member was called to the confession room and asked to nominate two members from the house, excluding Tamanna, as she just entered the house.

Vithika, who was told not to discuss the nominees, revealed her nominees, due to which, Bigg Boss disqualified her from nominating.

Nominations continued as follows:

Himaja nominated Punarnavi Bhupalam and Rahul.

Varun nominated Zafar and Srimukhi.

Ashu Reddy nominated Srimukhi and Rahul.

Singer Rahul nominated Himaja and Srimukhi.

Savitri nominated Srimukhi and Jaffer.

Ali Reza nominated Himaja and Varun Sandesh.

Ravi Krishna nominated Himaja and Jaffer.

Zafar nominated Vithika and Mahesh Vitta

Rohini nominated Vithika and Mahesh.

Mahesh nominated Vithika and Varun Sandesh.

Srimukhi nominated Himaja and Mahesh Vitta.

Punarnavi nominated Himaja and Srimukhi.

Tamanna Simhadri nominated Varun Sandesh and Vithika.

Baba Bhaskar nominated Vithika and Rahul.

However, Baba Bhasker asked Bigg Boss to nominate him, if he does not nominate anyone for a reason.

Bigg Boss asked Baba Bhasker to nominate someone or else all the house members will be in the eliminations directly, so Baba Bhaskar nominated Vithika and Rahul.

The eight members nominated for this week’s elimination process are Srimukhi, Rahul, Vithika, Varun Sandesh, Himaja, Mahesh Vitta, Jaafar and Punarnavi.

The episode ended with the members talking about the elimination process.

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