Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 18 Highlights

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The 18th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 was exciting, as the house members continued to perform the captaincy task.

The eighteenth episode, which was aired on the 7th of August, witnessed a fight between Himaja and Ali Reza.

On the other hand, Ravi Krishna got injured while executing the plan given by Srimukhi.

Episode 18 (August 7th) highlights: Ali Reza’s and Himaja’s clash, Ravi Krishna’s injury

Bigg Boss gave assigned a captaincy task to the house members and asked them to play different roles.

In yesterday’s episode, Varun Sandesh told Baba Bhasker and Siva Jyothi, Tammana Simhadri joined the team of thieves and was helping them steal the treasure.

Varun and Tamanna were made heads of the village, Ali and Punarnavi were made a couple, Vithika and Rohini were asked to play sisters, Rahul and Mahesh Vitta brothers, Himaja a lawyer and Baba Bhasker and Siva Jyothi a police officer and constable respectively.

On the other hand, Ravi Krishna, Srimukhi and Ashu Reddy were asked to play thieves.

During the task, Ravi Krishna got injured while he was trying to break the box of money with his bare hands.  The house members blamed Srimukhi for Ravi’s injury and said she must have provoked him to do the same.

The show also witnessed a clash between Ali Reza and Himaja.  The clash was verbal until Himaja punched Ali on his face without any thought. when he was taking out a Rs. 100 note from her pocket.

Himaja yelled at Ali and said she would give him the money but he should not have touched her.  Later, Ali yelled back at Himaja and asked her why she punched him.

The fight was resolved after Himaja apologised for overreacting and punching Ali.

Yesterday’s episode was full of action, violence and personal comments.

In the promo of the next episode, Bigg Boss warned Srimukhi for breaking the rules of the house and said if she continued to do so, she would be eliminated directly from the house.

Stay tuned for further updates about Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3.


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