Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 19 Highlights

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The 19th episode of Big Boss Telugu Season 3 witnessed the show’s first direct elimination, after Bigg Boss nominated Srimukhi directly for the elimination week.

Yesterday’s episode had discussions regarding the incident which left Ravi Krishna injured and a secret task was given to Punarnavi Bhupalam and Ali Reza.

Episode 19 (August 8) Highlights: Sreimukhi’s nomination, Ali Reza’s and Punarnavi’s secret task

The episode started with a discussion between Vithika, Punarnavi and Rahul.  They were talking about the incident which happened during the captaincy task given by Bigg Boss, which left Ravi Krishna injured.

On the other hand, Srimukhi told the house members it was Mahesh Vitta’s idea to break the glass box and take the money out of it.

Despite her confession, everyone blamed Srimukhi for Ravi Krishna’s injury, due to which, she felt bad and cried in the washroom.

Later, Ravi Krishna explained the incident to Bigg Boss in the confession room, following which, Bigg Boss cancelled the task and warned everyone not to repeat it again in the house.

Bigg Boss also announced he will nominate Srimukhi directly next week as she encouraged Ravi Krishna to break the glass box.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss called Punarnavi and Ali and gave them a secret task and said if they complete the task, they would not be a part of next week’s elimination.

According to the given task, Ali and Punarnavi asked the house members to sacrifice one thing from the house or the two of them would not be allowed to enter the house.

They asked the house members to avoid using footwear in the house and curd in their food.  Later, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give the mattresses of the male house members, eggs and dairy products and keep them in the store room.

However, Himaja objected against the sacrifices and said she does not care if Punarnavi and Ali come to the house or not.

The discussion regarding the sacrifices continued.  In today’s episode, we will see if the members sacrifice the items for Ali and Punarnavi or not.

Stay tuned for further updates about the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3.


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