Chiranjeevi And 113 Others Write To MAA, Asks To Conduct President’s Election Soon

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In the past 24 hours, approximately 113 people from the Tollywood and Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA) wrote a letter to Mr. Krishnam Raju regarding the elections.

The letter was addressed to the Disciplinary Panel Chief of the MAA, Mr. Krishnam Raju. In the written letter all the 113 members of the MAA asked the panel to conduct the MAA elections, which are scheduled to be held sometime soon.

The MAA elections are one of the major elections in the Tollywood film industry. The elections for the prestigious Movie Artist Association (MAA) are organised every year. The President of the MAA is appointed every year to work for the welfare of the Tollywood artists. The elections are scheduled in September every year for the position of president of the MAA.

The members asked Mr. Krishnam Raju to issue the election notification and conduct the election as early as possible. Another major reason behind the pressure to conduct the elections is the expired tenure of the current Executive Body.

It is to be noted, the appeal of the 113 members came after the Tollywood Megastar Chiranjeevi wrote to the MAA asking to conduct the elections.

Meanwhile, in 2021 MAA elections, Tollywood actor Prakash Raj is also in the fray with his nomination. The megastar Mr. Chiranjeevi is supporting the actor, who is contesting for the MAA President’s post.

Besides Mr. Prakash Raj, Mr. Manchu Vishnu, Ms. Jeevitha Rajashekar and Mr. Sai Kumar are also in the fray.

The fever of MAA elections in Tollywood industry is no less than the Legislative and Assembly elections. Many senior actors and celebrities contest in the election aiming to become the president. Initially, Murali Mohan was the president of MAA, after he stepped down from the post, Rajendra Prasad took the reins. After him, Sivaji Raj became the president and now Naresh is the outgoing leader of the Movie Artist Association. Naresh V.K., who was appointed as the MAA President in 2019 is due to end soon.


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