Hyderabad: Pawan Kalyan Fans Stage Protest Outside Telugu Film Chamber

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Pawan Kalyan Fans Stage Protest Outside Telugu Film Chamber

Pawan Kalyan fans are protesting outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce in Hyderabad, after the derogatory remarks made by actress Sri Reddy. The fans are raising slogans against filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma as well after RGV admitted to influencing Reddy’s remarks.  

Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan and Sai Dharam Tej have arrived at the Chamber and are expected to address the media soon. Pawan Kalyan was incredibly upset about the comments made by the actress after she included Kalyan’s mother in her abuses.

A number of fans have gathered to protest Sri Reddy’s comments and RGV’s influence. The group of protesters are alleging the media is using Sri Reddy to demean Pawan Kalyan’s name. The protesters have passionately stated Kalyan is a good politician and the media are hindering the actor’s efforts for the Special Category Status in Andhra Pradesh.   

This issue began when Pawan Kalyan commented about the recent protest staged by Sri Reddy. Kalyan was asked about Sri Reddy’s recent sexual allegations to which he said, “If they want justice, they should go to (the) police stations and the courts, not T.V., stations.”

As Tollywood actress Sri Reddy attacked Pawan Kalyan, the power star’s fans began threatening to rape the actress. Ms. Reddy has been protesting against sexual exploitation of women in the Telugu industry.

The talented filmmaker RGV stated he was advising the actress after he heard of the controversy. “Sri Reddy had named Abhiram Daggubati, son of Suresh Babu, who is a dear friend of mine. I was worried about their family’s name and reputation since they all belong to the legendary family of producer D. Ramanaidu. With an intention to resolve the situation, I told Sri Reddy that I will talk to someone in their family and try to get you some hefty amount as settlement, let this all go. Sri Reddy refused that offer and I was stunned.”

RGV went on to explain he then realized Sri Reddy genuinely wanted change and decided to help. He told the actress she needed to use the Indian politics strategy to gain attention. RGV suggested the actress abuse Pawan Kalyan and even gave her the words to use.  

Sri Reddy held a protest outside the office of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce on the 7th of April. She sat shirtless outside the Chamber protesting the casting couch which is a euphemism for sexual harassment. The actress attempted to pass on the message of the seriousness of the casting couch in the Tollywood industry.


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