Hyderabadi Short Film To Be Screened at ASIFF

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A short film, Naresh, A Gardener’s Life Story, was selected to be screened at the African Smartphone International Film Festival (ASIFF.)

Akshay Pusthay, a 22 year old resident of Hyderabad, shot the short film on an iPhone 7 Plus with 2K resolution.

Akshay shared his idea behind the short film and said, when he visited his friend Aslam’s residence, he met Naresh, a gardener at Aslam’s residence. He interacted with Naresh and immediately thought of making a film about him.

Akshay said, “I wanted to make a rom com (romantic comedy) short film with Hyderabadi flavour. So, I captured a few videos of Naresh for body language reference for my short film, which I saw later on my PC and felt it was a bit inspiring and I decided to complete the project which was just an idea at that time.”

Moving forward with the film, Akshay had some difficulties with editing it and was close to giving up on the project. However, later, DSN Films and editor Vinay Mahankhali, helped Akshay finish the editing of the film. The sound of the film comprises royalty free music and Rakesh Chaurasia’s Sea Breeze from YouTube. Other aspects of the film, such as scriptwriting, voice overs and subtitles, were taken care of by his friends and family members.

Akshay submitted his film to more than 50 film festivals, but with no positive response, he lost hope. It is then, when a committee at the African Smartphone International Film Festival watched his short film and decided to screen it. Akshay said, “Out of the blue on December 1, which is also my mom’s birthday, I received a mail from the African Smartphone International Film Festival with a message ‘congratulations your movie has been selected and you can promote your movie by adding our laurels.’”

Naresh, A Gardener’s Story will be screened on the 22nd of December at the ASIFF.



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