‘Is This Where Our Constitution Is Headed?’ Asks Naseeruddin Shah

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Naseeruddin Shah, a veteran actor, on Friday, stood against the Government of India, in light of recent cases of violation of right to freedom of speech and constitutional rights.

In a video launched by Amnesty International India, Naseeruddin Shah gave a message to all the Indians who are being victimised in the name of religion and hatred.

The Amnesty International India, a human rights organisation, launched the video, which gives a message directed at the Indian Government, which is snatching away the fundamental and constitutional rights of the Indian citizens.

The message starts with Naseeruddin Shah speaking about the Constitution of India, which was adopted on the 26th of November, 1949.

Naseeruddin Shah said, “In the name of religion, walls of hate are being erected. Innocents are being killed. The country is awash with horrific hatred and cruelty.”

Further in the video, Mr. Shah slammed the Indian Government for not giving the people of India the freedom to express their thoughts and words and for punishing them for supporting the truth and justice.

Naseeruddin Shah said, “From the beginning, the Constitution’s core values aimed at ensuring social, economic and political justice for all Indian citizens. It provided for everyone to have liberty of thought, expression, faith and worship and for everyone to be treated equally.”

Highlighting the major issues regarding justice, Mr. Shah said, individuals who support the truth and raise their voice against violence are given punishment such as being locked behind the bars. He further added, people like artists, journalists, actors, scholars and poets are asked to keep quiet and if they dare to speak, they are criticised and punished.

He also criticised the Government of India for their lack of action toward the development and security of the residents of India. He claimed, the Government is spreading hatred and violence. He raised a question, “Is this where our Constitution is headed?”

Naseeruddin Shah, who was recently criticised for his comment about Bulandshahr violence, raised his voice against the violation of rights through this video, which was launched under the hashtag #AbkiBaarManavAdhikar.



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