KCR Wants To Produce Film Directed By Vishwanath

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K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR,) the Chief Minister of Telangana, expressed his interest to produce a film directed by K. Vishwanath, a Dadasaheb Phalke awardee.

The interest of Mr. Rao came after his recent meeting with K. Vishwanath on the 11th of August.  KCR said, “I am your fan since my childhood days. I saw each and every film that you have made. I watched Sankarabharanam for about 25 times. Every time I watched your film, I felt like meeting you personally. My desire is fulfilled today (sic.)”

KCR said in the present era, there are no such message oriented films in Tollywood, so Vishwanath has to make a good film again.  KCR further added he would be the producer of the film.

KCR appreciated Vishwanath’s films and said they are like poems to him.  KCR also praised the cast and crew working on the films directed by Vishwanath and said, “Every department, whether it is the selection of actors, dialogues, language, songs or picturization, they excel under his direction.”

On the other hand, Vishwanath expressed his happiness as the Chief Minister of Telangana himself visited him at his residence.  Vishwanath said, “When you called me up on Saturday night and said you will be visiting my house, I thought that somebody was mimicking your voice. But later when I found that you have spoken to me, I did not sleep till midnight.”

Vishwanath praised KCR and said he knows all about his good work and humble nature through reports in newspapers and on TV.

KCR visited Vishwanath to enquire about his health.  Vishwanath is suffering from joint pains and according to doctors, he needs to undergo a replacement surgery.  However, Vishwanath does not plan on getting the surgery done as he is scared of hospitals and operations. He said, “I am scared of operation. I am scared of hospitals. Even in my films I never try to include hospital scenes. I am scared of watching the blood. Then how will I undergo an operation? I will continue and manage like this.”

They further spoke about several issues and construction works in Telangana and the biggest and most expensive project of India, the Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project.

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