Laadli: A Short Film Highlighting The #MeToo Movement  

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Laadli: A Short Film Highlighting The #MeToo Movement

Laadli is a short film that highlights the #MeToo Movement that fights against sexual harassment and assault. The short film picked a simple backdrop to unravel a stronger message. This amazingly told story is a Whacked Out Originals short film.

A 5 minute story of two friends sitting and talking about the MeToo Movement with passion. The guy cluelessly questions why women avoid voicing their horrible experiences. The girl tries to explain to him the gravity of the situation but instead drifts to thoughts of her own experiences.

The movie is bold and addressing one of the biggest issues of sexual harassment. In this particular case, the girl remembers her unfortunate encounter with someone she truly trusted.  

The message oriented short film stars Snigdha Bawa and Varun Gyanchandani as the two friends. Komal Agarwal and Hamza Ali are behind the direction of this heartbreaking tale. The main actress Snigdha is also a scriptwriter and penned the story of Laadli.

Watch the short film below:


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