MAA Elections 2021:  Actor Prakash Raj Announces His Panel Of 27 Members Today

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On the 24th of June, Tollywood actor Prakash Raj announced his panel for the upcoming Movie Artist Association (MAA) elections. 

The MAA elections are one of the major elections in the Tollywood film industry.  The elections for the prestigious Movie Artist Association (MAA)  is organised every year.  The President of the MAA is appointed every year to work for the welfare of the Tollywood artists.  The elections are scheduled in September every year for the position of president of the MAA. 

The fever of MAA elections in Tollywood industry is no less than the Legislative and Assembly elections.  Many senior actors and celebrities contest in the election aiming to become the president.   Initially, Murali Mohan was the president of MAA, after he stepped down from the post, Rajendra Prasad took the reins.  After him, Sivaji Raj became the president and now Naresh is the outgoing leader of the Movie Artist Association.   Naresh V.K., who was appointed as the MAA President in 2019 is due to end soon. 

This year, actor Prakash Raj is aiming for the  post of the president of MAA and registered his name as a contender.   The actor would be contesting against Manchu Vishnu, Jeevitha Rajashekar and Sai Kumar. 

Prakash Raj who is the first one to announce his participation in the 2021 MAA elections has the support of Megastar Chiranjeevi. 

On the 24th of June, Prakash Raj announced the list of people in his panel and said, “We are announcing our panel members for the forthcoming MAA elections.  For the sake of our well-being, and for putting forth constructive ideas into practice for the welfare of the artists.”

The list include actors and artists from the Tollywood film industry:

  1. Prakash Raj
  1. ‌‌‌‌‌‌Jaya Sudha
  1. Srikanth‌
  1. Banerjee
  1. Saikumar‌
  1. Tanish‌
  1. Prgathi
  1. Anasuya
  1. Sana
  1. Anita Chaudhary
  1. Sudha
  1. Ajay
  1. Nagineedu
  1. Brahmaji
  1. Raviprakash
  1. Sameer
  1. Uttej
  1. Bandla Ganesh
  1. Yedida Sriram
  1. Shivareddy
  1. Bhopal‌
  1. Tarzan‌
  1. Suresh Kondeti
  1. Khayyum
  1. Sudagali Sudhir
  1. Govinda Rao
  1. Sridhar Rao

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