The world of the internet has engulfed this generation but with it come crimes through the internet. A topic that has rarely been discussed but now thanks to the new digital series called Social this issue is being addressed.

The series stars Rana Daggubati, Naveen Kasturia, Priya Banerjee, Moin and Abdul Razzak. The first episode has released on YouTube and the rest will release on the Viu website.

The Social series is produced by Viu India and co produced by Whacked Out Media and Guru Films.

The pilot episode begins with Rana, who plays Vikram Sampat the CEO of Social, a social media company. Vikram talks about how his company will give an opportunity to fund one group of people who manage to make a viral video.

The story then skips through different people who take up the challenge and try their best to make a video worth the funding.

The show then moves to the story of one family with Naveen acting as Prithvi and how his sister goes missing.

Social will be focusing on cyber crime and the major effects of it to our society. Watch this show with a new concept and an intriguing story now on YouTube.